PTSD: Veterans Life Insurance

I was asked 1 week ago, “why does PTSD affect life insurance rates?” I usually blurt out a few answers that I know from the top of my head. Such as; higher depression rate, higher suicide rate stability anger. I talked about Veterans Life insurance rates with PTSD but never really looked at the statistics or the numbers.

When I did a little researched what I found was staggering. I was shocked to see these results. My brothers and sisters in arms are having a really bad time with PTSD and depression. Please I have attached a link. If you know anyone that is suffering there are options.

Here are some Statistics from My Military Family

  • As of September 2014, there are about 2.7 million American veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars
  • According to RAND, at least 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have PTSD and/or Depression.
  • Found that for PTSD: “Among male and female soldiers aged 18 years or older returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, rates range from 9% shortly after returning from deployment to 31% a year after deployment
  • 50% of those with PTSD do not seek treatment
    out of the half that seek treatment, only half of them get “minimally adequate” treatment
  • 19% of veterans may have traumatic brain injury
  • 7% of veterans have both post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury
  • Rates of veteran suicide are much higher than previously thought, as much as five to eight thousand a year (22 a day, up from a low of 18-a-year in 2007
  • Recent sample of 600 veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan found: 14% post-traumatic stress disorder; 39% alcohol abuse; 3% drug abuse.
  • Major depression also a problem.

We can help

Can you get Life Insurance with PTSD? Yes. Also there are different types and severity to this issue. Its not a one size fits all with PTSD or depression. I work with so many companies that term life done right has many options for you. Some of the simple things we need to know are medications and has there been hospitalization and/or Suicide attempts. As well as other types of treatments like if you are seeing a psychiatrist do you go to a group. Please be honest with you agent with the information. The information will help a seasoned agent figure out the best carrier and policy for you!.

I was in the Marine Corps and I have many friends that have fought through this, if you need life insurance, please give us a call. I will walk you through everything that is needed to get you the best price. But I want to make sure I get you to a carrier that will not decline you.

Semper Fi

PTSD is one of many rating factors that you may have received coming out of the military. We have seen an increase in injury related. ( most likely doesnt influence your premium) What I have been seeing a lot of is Sleep Apnea. This one can be a little tricky at times too. It really depends on your compliance.

We have veteran friendly carriers that understand the ratings and injuries from the Military. Call me email or send pony express. I am here to help and answer all your questions.

Let a Veteran help a Veteran!

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